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This is the band’s new guestbook. Please post your feedback below. In addition we have over 200 entries in our Archived Guestbook.

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  1. I was at the last Smith Center show (phenomenal, by the way !!) …. Didn’t I hear that you are going to do another one at the Smith Center sometime soon (maybe in May ?) … Will be coming back out there in May, and could adjust my trip according to your date at the Smith … thanks …

  2. Suggestion: You are familiar with the Woodstock albums. The band already plays a few of the songs performed at Woodstock. I’m thinking of: “Woodstock” performed LIVE by the “Lon Bronson All Star Band.” If tourists & locals are willing to pay $40 to see Purple Reign (love them too), I think they would pay to see the Woodstock music covered in Lon Bronson Band style. There are so many songs & quite a variety. They could just be covered or new charts done to bring the songs into the 21st Century. Along with digitally remastering for cds & dvds. Not to mention if you want to yuk’ it up with some 60’s costuming, that would be optional as I know that’s not the bands style. I think it’s worth trying during 1 of your free or $5 shows & see the reaction. If you covered all the songs in a few gigs, you would see which ones the audience enjoyed most. Being able to perform all the songs would spare the players by not having to play the same songs night after night. I hope you will try it, if not I understand. I believe there is not another band doing a Woodstock tribute on a regular basis. I further believe your market would be the Woodstock Generation, their kids & grandkids. I can be reached at My wife & I have seen about 150 of your shows dating back to 99′ at the Golden Nugget. See ya’s at Sunset Station. Obviously we love Lon & all the band members. Rock on Lon!

  3. Guys, I no longer live in the Vegas area, but visit often … do you guys have a regular gig these days ? Where will you be the last week of May and the week of July 6-13? I will be in town both of those weeks. Thanks

  4. Lon,
    The last time I saw you we were operating a motor vehicle in Boston while navigating around various “Work Zone” areas after several hours of advanced studies at the kitchen table in the Cambridge-based school of fine arts headmastered by David and Sally. Our theory was that once trapped in a “work zone” a person would have to take “undone work” from the infeed side of the zone and deliver “done work” to the output side of the zone for ever. From looking at your web site I see that you have continued to elude any such captivity, as have I. Next time I am in the vicinity you may expect to hear from me when I will offer you a drink and a toast to our mutual avoidance of those dreaded “zones”.

  5. Saw the fantastic show last night at the Chrome show room Doc Goes Vegas Release Party.
    Wow- exceptional musicianship.
    Hearing The Doctor, Gaibaldi and Rocco with the All Stars was one of the more memorable nights in Las Vegas ever….
    Very Cool can’t wait to download the CD.

  6. Aloha Gang!
    Really miss seeing you all since I got sick —> :o(
    Anyway, wanted to ask IF you know if you will still be at GVR NEXT AUGUST (*August 15th-18th, 2013).
    IF so – please LMK – I am the Committee Chair of my 35th class reunion – Class of 1978, so RIGHT in THE MIDST of it ALL, (*and which we are having there in LV!) and would love to have a event “function” as a part of the reunion activities THAT friday nite (August 16th, 2013) to see you all jam! (as well as re-connect with Tony Davich again – I don’t know if he remembers, but I met him when he was here in Hawaii with SOS – MANY years ago! I think if you mention that “Wayne Wakai” is my longtime friend… Wayne and Tony “co-produced” one of the SOS albums, MAYBE he would remember.)
    Anyway – Please let me know, and I WILL put it in the Schedule/Itinerary – and if NOT at GVR, let me know (IF you already know, or WHEN you do!) WHERE and I WILL make it a point to schedule it in!
    BUT beware and be FOREWARNED – my class (for old geysers!) STILL get up and BOOGIE to the FUNK, and are LOUD, LOUD, LOUD! LOL! AND – ToP as well as B,S, & T. are a part of ALL the FAVS!

    Thanks, Mahalo, and Aloha! Looking forward to getting down into the GREAT FUNK – GOT TO plan it all IN ADVANCE, right? ABSOLUTELY!

  7. Are you guys playing Thursday night August 30th? I am in town for the UNLV/Minnesota Football and I hope you are playing that night later somewhere. I have enjoyed many late nights watching your great band. All the best.

  8. Lon:

    We went to school together, I am going to be in Vegas next week for my daughter’s wedding, Wink said I should look you up are you playing any where the week of June 18th?

  9. Hi Lon Bronson,

    I am from Germany and I’m often in the US (vacation). I know the band since 1993 at the Riviera Casino (later at Golden Nugget) and I’m always excieted. On January 26th 2012 I was in the Green Valley Casino. It was a great show.
    I try to be in US next year. So I have my 20th anniversary.
    I hope that I can realise my plans to come to the US and of course to Las Vegas!
    Best wishes to Lon Bronson and all members of the band.

    kind regards

    Alfred Loib, Bavaria, Germany

    • yea they like they like to rock but the new stuff is a llitte more serious and live what they are amazing and they use cool lights fire works its loud i like more of the metal hard core things but skillet is good to

  10. Have been enjoying the band since I got to town 16 years ago , first show I saw was at the Riv on monday nights. Hard to catch all shows because of work but I love the ones I do get to. Knowing Chicago & EWF are major influences , has the band ever done Rock That by EWF of the I AM album?

  11. Hey Lon, Hope all is well. Remember some of the stuff we used to get into with Tim Treat and others….:)

    I cant make your visit to Keene this month, but I will be out in Vegas the first week of November (11/1-11/5) and was wondering if your band is playing somewhere that week.

    Would love to catch a show and say hello.

    Brian Aron
    Cell: 603-620-6284

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