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Marc 05/05/09 at 08:20 PM

Where are you from? Houston

Hey guys and gals,

Just wanted to say what a fantastic time we all had that came out to see you.

Terrific show and y’all were very gracious to those of us that spoke to you at the bar.

I was the guy in the sportsjacket that couldn’t quit gushing about what a great time I had… 🙂

I hope to catch you guys again soon and will be passing the word around about what a great show you are putting on and what a great venue you are in now..  

Thanks again,
Marc from Houston

John Kennedy 05/02/09 at 07:38 PM

Where are you from? Newark, Ohio

Heard about your fantastic group from our son, who lives in Vegas and attends your concerts. On your recent visit to LV last week, our first stop was your concert. It was everything he said it was and more. My wife and I had a great time “reliving” the sounds of our college days. We already know what we’ll be doing on Thursday night on our next visit. Thanks for providing the opportunity to hear LIVE music. Maybe next time, we’ll be fortunate to come on another night that the ToP brass drop in. I heard that concert was the tops.

AJM 04/24/09 at 07:58 PM

Where are you from? Los Angeles, CA USA


Having listened to a couple of the tracks on their CD I was blown away.  My cousin Bob Lentini along with Arty Congero recorded this fantastic band.  If you haven’t purchased the CD do it Now!

This Band knocks down the house with R&B, Funk, and a powerful Rock sound!  I love horns and Lon Anderson gives you horns, horns and horns!

I saw them in Las Vegas on April 23, if you can get to see this band you will have an evening of super music!    Being a fan of Tower of Power and Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band this was a special night.  I have tried to catch Gordon Goodwin in LA but missed him last time he was here.  A special treat was that Francis Rocco Prestia from T.O.P. was on stage last night.. awesome.


Thanks Bob for introducing me to Lon and the band, it was night I will remember.


Debbie 04/15/09 at 09:36 PM

Where are you from? Buffalo NY


You rock! I am a follower and I have turned many friends on to the band. Happy, happy, happy that you are @ Green Valley. Are you playing anywhere on the weekend? Thursday is killing me!

David Weaver 04/10/09 at 03:33 AM

Where are you from? Las Vegas

Just heard the band again in Green Valley. You guys just blow me away! What an awesome band.
Thank you, Lon, for bringing your incredible gift to the people of Las Vegas (locals and visitors alike).

Indy Robinson 04/07/09 at 03:55 AM

Where are you from? Las Vegas ,Nv.

I am trying to get in touch with Lisa Mayer. I am a friend from her past when she worked with the Ebays would like her to call me if that is possible. 523 7354 or by my email

                                                 thank you,

                                                 Indian Robinson

BONNIE -BACK AND LOVING LIFE! 04/07/09 at 12:41 AM


“WHAT IT HIP?” ALL OF YOU!  Still can’t thank you all enough, nor get over how wonderful you made my wedding/funeral day! Definitely the best part of the celebration!  Just wanted to say hello to all my great friends and tell you all how very much I miss you and CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU! Glad all is going terrific!

Hope to see you all…very soon!



MARC 03/25/09 at 09:14 PM

Where are you from? Houston

I am coming out to Las Vegas and am booking reservations to see the band April 30th at GVR..

Stephanie tells me the place seats about 400, but I want to make sure we have a great table.

I can’t wait.. I have not see the band since the old days at the Riviera.

I am bringing out about 6 people, some who have seen y’all, some who haven’t but will be fans after the show is over I am sure.

Anyone at Ovation I should speak to in particular?

Really looking forward to the evening!


Tony Dattorro 03/14/09 at 11:54 PM

Where are you from? L A

Again,such a pleasure to see such exceptional players and vocalist.  All the best and hope you release a second CD.


Jon St. Laurent 03/13/09 at 03:38 PM

Where are you from? Windsor, CT


Rick is good singer, but I have better voice range.  That’s about right Lon!!

Bart 03/06/09 at 07:55 AM

Where are you from? Las Vegas

The gig at Sunset station was FANTASTIC!  I’ve only seen a few of your shows (recently moved to Vegas), but this was one of the best performances I’ve ever been to by any band.  Thanks for a fantastic evening.


Scott Ingram 02/27/09 at 09:36 PM

Where are you from? LV

Does your drummer give lessons? If I had 1/2 his chops, I’d die a happy man. Please, please let me know.

Sam Lawson 12/04/08 at 08:46 PM

Where are you from? Indiana

I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful music!

My brother, Kevin Lawson, played in your band,and i’m sure he is up there in heaven playing his trumpet with you guys!!

God Bless and Keep the Music Alive,


Sam Lawson 12/04/08 at 08:44 PM

Where are you from? Indiana

I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful music!
My brother, Kevin Lawson, played in your band,and i’m sure he is up there in heaven playing his trumpet with you guys!!

God Bless and Keep the Music Alive,

Patrick Hanrahan 05/12/08 at 08:38 AM

Where are you from? Sarasota, FL

I was hanging out at home, firing Jameson’s Irish and listening to the CD.  I got so fired up, that I rolled over a hassock.  I was totally out of control with my drinking buddy, Bats!!!

Rick 05/05/08 at 12:50 PM

Where are you from? US

I cannot fully express the joy I get from you and your band. Like medicine, any @#$% day or mood disappears from the ‘GOTTA RUN’ get go. Thank you for that alone. It ticks me off that true raw talent has to struggle below the radar of the quality deprived, aurally abused general public. Whenever I’m blasting your cd, I’m frequently asked ‘who is that?’ I think it sucks your still paying for the last one. I’m only one 50 year old funk loving person, so all I can do is direct people to Doc’s or your website and NOT make a copy of mine for them. I hope someday if I ever get the chance to travel to your area it would only happen if it included catching a show.
Many, many thanks………….

greg bilinski 04/20/08 at 12:02 AM

Where are you from? Ithaca, NY

Hey Lon,

The story continues………………

After the Cop stopped me,  I explained the heavy foot,  cranked up the tunes, gave him a good dose of the Lon Bronson Band, the bastard confiscated the CD, and as far as the ticket, well,……………….what ticket ?    (another Lon Bronson fan,…………………..(only this one carries a badge)

Job well done Lon,
rock the world,
Greg Bilinski
Ithaca, NY

dj 03/29/08 at 03:01 PM

Where are you from? Originally ? Ha Utah originally

Lon you and your horn section are awesome and Rick and Lisa are even better than before and the rest of the guys and so glad you are at Railhead at Boulder, LV NV soooo more and comin on before Brody and his yBR team and jammin’ with them as well
please come to my bday party if you read this to remind you it’s 4/22/08 at about 11;00 pm at the Dive Bar and you know what city, the biggest birthday bash for starting off 2008 cause where has the time fly
glad to hear you got some german in ya as i told you last night so do I and NO WAY DUDE do you look your age and you probably don’t feel it yet do ya and your new tshirts and cd’s are of course incredible. keep them comin, do new tunes etc


Melanie 02/25/08 at 02:41 PM

Where are you from? Vegas via Australia

Hey guys, i came to see you with my husband at the railhead on Friday 22nd, all I can say is WOW!
Ill be back for more with 10 friends, on the 28th March, night before I leave to go back to Australia.
What a send off this will be, cant wait.

Jerry Fitch 02/22/08 at 09:49 AM

Where are you from? Dracut, MA


Great to see all that you have done and accomplished.
I remember the days of playing Vegas, before it grew so much. Yep! Can remember starting a show @ 1AM and would finish the last show as the Sun Was Rising. Great Days/Great memories.

Anyway, Great accomplishments. The Best to you ALWAYS!

Jerry FItch

dolores 01/18/08 at 05:39 PM

Where are you from? Texas

i saw your show for the 1st time at boulder station on Jan 4th, and ya’ll blew me away! ”’SMOKIN”!!!
keep on rockin!

jill 01/15/08 at 05:10 PM

Where are you from? california

where are you playing now??

David 11/08/07 at 02:24 AM

Where are you from? Lost Wages

The show was fantastic at Arizona Charlies, man! Keep up the good work and get rid of the poor stripper!!!!!

Edward Davenport 11/06/07 at 11:43 AM

Where are you from? Cobleskill NY

Thank the Doc for suggesting a new BAND. How about some more CD’s?
Kind of keeps the ball rolling-Chase,BS&T,Chi,Cold Blood,Heavy Metal Horns,Cold Shot & Hurr Horns,Boston Horns…To go from TOP, and Strokeland SuperBand and still find more. It’s almost like meeting a together lady all you need is an intro. Yeah Baby Ed D

Miguel 10/31/07 at 10:59 AM

Where are you from? Vegas

The Cannery video clips on your site are fantastic! I like the mix of the recording and the band is smokin’! Hope to catch you guys soon.

anthony dattorro 08/27/07 at 09:30 AM

Where are you from? VEGAS

2 Weeks has passed since I have had the chance to listen to The all star CD. I know It came out 2 years ago. Unfortunately I only listened to it 2 weeks ago.
One of the finest’s albums ,hands down I have had the pleasure to enjoy in a long time.All the bases were covered. Thank you Lon.
Trust me I know the difference.
Impecible performances by the whole lot.Vocals by Ric,Lisa,and Tony made me remember why we play music.Solos by Jeff,Tom, and Jimmy remind me of why I went to Berklee.
The back beat by Mark has always set the standard for everything.
Thanx guys for the best. All of you.
Thanx Lon for the vision

Peace Tony

Tony Dattorro 08/14/07 at 07:25 AM

Where are you from? Vegas

Saw the band at Charlies Sat.
Un F***ing Believable Keep up the great work.Continued success
Also the Live CD Just blew me away

rob 08/13/07 at 07:56 AM

Where are you from? las vegas

seeing lon bronson band .
I was at Arizona charlies just for a minute ,
i seen an old Friend , he tells me you got to hear this band play , this was Friday night , there were lots of hot girls at the lounge area, then i was blown away , by the bands music , dancing all night long , so i had to return both Saturday & sun eve to see them again . the show was free , the best part was
women love this music big time , dancing all night long , I met a new girl there to say the least ,
it was a steamy night for me , and now I am fan of the band forever , thanks Lon
your all so cool ROB B.

Eric Sean 07/17/07 at 03:54 PM

Where are you from? Las Vegas, Nv

You guys sounded fantastic Fri. night. I had a great time sitting in with you again after so long. Best wishes to everybody. Take good care.

Gavin 07/14/07 at 10:17 PM

Where are you from? Originally the UK, currently Long BeachCA

You guys totally Rock, my buddy Paul and I were totally blown away with your music. One cos its so good to hear bands playing those tunes and second, cos you our band has the same line up and we are playing almost the same set list!!!

Keep up the good work, we will be coming back to check it out, too much fun was had by all.


Milton Kubo 06/19/07 at 07:36 PM

Where are you from? Hawaii

Aloha! This is what music is REALLY all about! The band playing because they LOVE TO PLAY! THIS is what we need here in Hawaii! Something to think about: Taking a “Working Vacation” in Hawaii! How’s THAT for an idea? Hope to see the band again soon! When I am leaving (even though I cannot believe that the gig is done, it goes by so quickly!) I feel like I am “high”, it sounds SO good! Thanks for keeping it REAL, and not some DIGITAL music or worse yet… karaoke!

BONNIE NADEL-RINDELS 06/19/07 at 12:02 AM

Where are you from? THE BRONSON BAND LAND


Gary Eriksson 06/10/07 at 05:45 PM

Where are you from? Vancouver B.C.

Sure miss seeing the band on my trips to Vegas over the last year or so
Have caught you at the Golden Nugget at least 30 times
My trip to Vegas just isn’t the same anymore
Hope to catch you one of these days

Phil DuVal 06/06/07 at 06:05 PM

Where are you from? Dallas, Texas (currently)

I have been fortunate enough to see the Lon Bronson band a couple of times during stays in Las Vegas.I was introduced to the band by a friend of mine who lives in Las Vegas. Not only a friend, but your drummer Mark Barrett. I have attended your show twice at the Riv. and needless to say, the band is really good. I shot a couple of songs on video, but certainly my footage will not hold up to Bruce’s work. He has given me a few pointers on a project or two. My wife and I will be in Las Vegas June 13-18. I hope that the band will be performing during our stay. It has been a highlight of past trips. I just found out about the CD and hope to buy it during our visit to Las Vegas next week. Wish I could make the show at the Railhead at Boulder Station on Friday. On with the show. Phil DuVal

Doug Bravo 04/24/07 at 10:57 PM

Where are you from? Vegas

There is not any Music like your band here in Vegas.

Bonnie and Geary Rindels 04/14/07 at 04:57 PM

Where are you from? Sin City!

Hi All!
We just wanted to say WOW!!! What a great time at The Cannery Friday night! Fantastic! You rocked the house off…as always! So wonderful to see you all together!

joseph a. romano 04/14/07 at 01:22 PM

Where are you from? lasvegas

after 50 years of enjoying the chicago music scene, 8 years ago my wife and i relocated to vegas. we are live music and live comedy junkies. my favoite band from day 1 continues to improve, now more like a revue as was evidenet from recent show at the cannery. music is my life! please play anything by stevie ray vaughn, his cuts with horns still remain the best. also would like to hear funky broadway by dyke and the blazers. anything by wayne cochran and the cc riders and/or baby huey and the baby sitters. a doo wop jam i’m sure would go over big. you have picked up where tower of power left off and have now way surpassed them. what’s the story behind lon not digging the group “chicago”?

Cheryl 03/03/07 at 02:31 AM

Where are you from? Las Vegas, NV

Just curious to ask Have you ever played for a party such as as a surprise party and if so would you ever do so? I know I could never afford you because your band is fantastic. Ever since a friend of my husband’s took me I always want to go and see you where you are playing. We all want to come and see you play at the CANNARY IN APRIL. We even want to take a few more friends to come and here you play. See you in April.

Thanks for listening.

Luther Bolen 02/14/07 at 03:56 PM

Where are you from? Chillicothe, Oh

I don’t normally like rock, but I like your group a
lot—-very tight and can’t say anything bad about
it—-nice horn line—-You guys would blow Kevin and
his group off the Leno stage—I hope you get a Fox
gig—-I play lead trumpet in a ten piece group here
in town, and I appreciate a good group when I hear one.
Keep up the good work—

Ruari Wilson 02/14/07 at 09:49 AM

Where are you from? Edinburgh, Capital City of Scotland

I’ve never heard a band play with such tight ferocity – brilliant. Will try to buy your cd on Amazon UK.

You are all amazing musicians – inspiring – thanks.

Hakan Nelson 02/07/07 at 04:08 PM

Where are you from? SWEDEN

When Tower of Power past away, one day. Lon Bronson band take over the real great sound, they are on the way to be a really One of A Kind band. Thanks!!!!! From a Drummer in Sweden who have a also a great Soul/Funk band over here.

Jackie Batten and Lisa Markham 01/26/07 at 09:55 AM

Where are you from? Edinburgh, Scotland

Absolute adore Lon and the guys. My daughter Lisa and I get to Vegas once a year and we always try to catch the Band. We didn’t see them the last time though – October 2006 so hope they are somewhere near the Strip this year in April. I think Lon and one or two of the guys in the band have been in Edinburgh for our annual International Festival. Loved the CD – looking forward to the next one coming out. Hope it is soon.

Love to you all from Jackie and Lisa in the Capital City, Edinburgh, Scotland. X X X

Jamie 01/21/07 at 11:48 AM

Where are you from? New Hampshire

Uncle Lonny!!!! I see your kicking as as usual in Vegas. Stephanie finished my new website Check out the new trailer for Tucker’s Crossing!!!

ps white Punks On Dope is still my favorite

John Vinke 01/03/07 at 01:41 AM

Where are you from? Huntington Beach, CA

Saw your show last week in Vegas at Mandalay Bay and it was GREAT! Love the brass!

(And the guy who did the James Brown impersonation was dynamite!)

Keep up the great work. Would love to see the band again!

Chris 12/31/06 at 07:14 PM

Where are you from? Victoria, B.C. Canada


I need horns! I need the cure from the Bronson Band! I am little disappointed that you didn’t play when I was last in Vegas. I am prepared to forgive and forget, if I can have a new date to shoot for.

Hope getting a proper new room that appreciates the quality on stage is not too distant. What does it take? I just read all the tears and carry-on over the passing of Sister Ruth Brown (we loved her show as well as the Bronson Band) yet I didn’t see many of the people who are now ready to pay tribute to her talent at the last few shows I attended. Same with the Cats -best band in Show Biz today, makes the top 40 bands look pedestrian – people today will talk fondly of how great it once was. Wake up smell the coffee and go see the Cats when they play!

Our love to all the cats (special hi to Lisa) and I look forward to new updates on where you end up playing.

Keep the faith!

Chris Main

Keith 12/26/06 at 10:13 PM

Where are you from? born and raised Vegas

Please don’t let these corporate bastards in the casinos get you down. I’m doing my part in letting the word out about you guys. You rock! Truly fine musicians. I know myself and friends of mine will hunt out live music in town. OTHER lounge bands just can’t compare. It’s getting harder to find live bands worth seeing. What makes the Allstar Band stand out is that all of you seem to really enjoy playing music. I know it’s not the money because I’m sure they don’t pay you crap at the major hotels. Keep playing Lon and fighting the good fight. Best of luck to you!

Joe Bergeron 12/25/06 at 01:28 AM

Where are you from? Las Vegas

A DJ was once telling my piano player; “You guys need me!” My piano player looked around at the 500+ audience members and, after laughing, told him, “Anybody can play a CD fool, you can’t hang with us.” And so it is with the Lon Bronson Band. You guys seriously ROCK! And few can hang with you. I’m looking forward to hearing you again.

Downtown Steve 12/23/06 at 01:58 AM

Where are you from? Las Vegas

I am soooooo looking forward to catching you guys at Mandalay Bay and the Cannery too. I just read the Norm article, and for purely selfish reasons would hate to see you take off for New York. Understanable move though. (sniff sniff) It would be nice if another downtown casino would be smart enough to bring you all on board on a regular basis. It’s ALWAYS such a treat to see the band!!!

Best of luck,
Downtown Steve

Cheryl 12/22/06 at 07:32 PM

Where are you from? LAS VEGAS, NV

A friend of my husband’s took myself and another couple to your show when you where at the Nugget. It was such a great show I got my husband to buy your CD before we left. I listen to it in the car all the time and I also blast it on my Dolby Surround Sound in the house to help me clean the house and when the weather is good I open up the windows for everyone to hear. I get no complaints from the neighbors.
Can’t wait to see you perform again. I hope to drag my husband and friends out on the 26th of Dec. to see you (hopefully noone will have a hangover) and you can be sure we will all be their at the Cannery in April. I plan to bring some more friends to see you.

Skip Gunther 12/16/06 at 11:27 PM

Where are you from? Atlanta, GA

Lon, your CD is utterly awesome! I have listened to nothing else for my daily two hour commute for three weeks now. As a trumnpet player, I do a lot of buzzing while commuting, so, needless to say, I’ve got all of your arrangements pretty much nailed at this point. Such power, such energy, such fun. My band, Julius Dick (, is going to pick up several of these for our New Year’s gig. I am looking forward to your next CD, and to the day that you come to Atlanta!

Juan Oskar 10/20/06 at 02:02 PM

Where are you from? Phoenix, AZ

BRAVO!!! Lon Bronson and the “All-Stars”. Why isn’t there more of this in Las Vegas? One would have to asked those skinny redundant middle management college grads in suits. But the point is that there is one kick ass, balls to the walls, testosterone charged, and musically polished horn rock band in Las Vegas that can be enjoyed which I did for two nights earlier this week.

Most folks probably wouldn’t be able to coordinate their Las Vegas trip with the All-Stars performances, so for goodness sake, get the CD! I’ve got no horse in this race, it’s just a good band. With the night club marketplace demanding big screen TVs, DJs, singles, and duos using back tracks, (Good Grief…that’s what I do!) a band like this is leaving a “live music” legacy to those pimpled, pastey faced hip hopping skaters that think that running a digital loop is some sort of great accomplishment.

Thanks for the notes amigos, and by the way…”I Gotta Run” JO

richie delorso 10/15/06 at 01:14 PM

Where are you from? hartford ct

enjoyed the late night shows at the Rivera and Golden nugget. a must band to see every time i visit.thanks Richie.

Juan Oskar 10/13/06 at 12:47 AM

Where are you from? Phoenix, AZ

Hola! If the creek don’t rise etc….I’m planning on driving down for both nights. In other words, if nothing BIG happens around here I’m comin’.

Peace amigos………..JO

Still Janette 10/11/06 at 11:11 AM

Where are you from? Still Charlottesville

I’m literally counting the days until our party of 20 arrive in Las Vegas – as of today that would be 91. I see Margaritaville has NO BOOKINGS for January 12-15. What can be done about getting a gig during that weekend? The desperation is too much for us! Don’t make us beg!

Bonnie and Geary Rindels 10/07/06 at 07:22 PM

Where are you from? Las Vegas Baby!!!

Dear Lon, Lisa, Rick and all the “Cats”:
Words will never be able to express our endless thanks, as well as gratitude for making our September 27, 2006 Wedding so memorable, as well as outstanding. You rocked the house off!!! You even rocked a few people off their feet!!! Who says you’re not a Wedding Band? You were the greatest Wedding Band ever!!!….You are the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD – PERIOD!!!!
We Love You…………….
Bonnie and Geary
PS: Still love those shades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

williamson 10/04/06 at 10:18 PM

Where are you from? none of your business

i’m boycotting the band til you put Lawson’s picture back up.

Ron 09/26/06 at 06:41 PM

Where are you from? Ohio

I just read “This week the Riviera Casino management and Owner/Producer Meshulam Riklis announce the closing of longtime Las Vegas extravaganza “Splash” on Saturday evening, September 30. Since its debut at the Riviera on June 21, 1985.”

NOW…How about a Home coming to the Riviera on the last week of October so I can see you guys Play?

Just looking out for options to find you Cats a place to Jam! Plus it Just so happens I will be in vegas the last week of October 2006.

Hope to catch U some Place!

Swede 09/15/06 at 03:58 PM

Where are you from? Sweden

Great sound! Love it! A bit like TOP, but more modern. You have fans in Sweden too. Check out some Swedish Soul at Hot Tin Roof is a Swedish 7 piece band playing soul and funk with a spirit out of the 70’s. Let’s build a society!

Denise Dion 09/14/06 at 10:25 AM

Where are you from? Albuquerque

Any gigs 9/24-9/29, so want to hear you guys.

Ron 08/30/06 at 04:22 PM

Where are you from? Ohio

Hey Lon,

Heading To Vegas October 25, 2006. I Would Love to see you If you can find a place to Play. Have seen you Past Two years at the Nugget, and My Brother-in-Law saw you at Jimmy Buffets in the spring. You are always the high light of my trip to Vegas. Any news Please let me know when you find a place to jam.

Janette 08/29/06 at 04:56 PM

Where are you from? Charlottesville, Va.

Hey Lon~
Our annual trip to LV in January is fast approaching and I don’t see any booked gigs! Last year was a complete drag since you were no where to be found.
Is there any glimmer of hope for mid January?????

Juan Oskar 08/19/06 at 05:04 PM

Where are you from? Glendale, AZ

RE: A Man Without a Lounge

I just read your interview “A Man Without a Lounge” You said everything right. I sent the article to a lot of musician friends around the country.

I don’t gamble but I enjoy Las Vegas. I go to hear live lounge music. Since I was in college I thought doing a Lounge Show would be a great way of making a living. I used to hear stories from old timers that played there in the 50’s and the 60’s and it sounded wonderful.

Your phrase, “Departmental Rivalries” hit it on the head. I also see that as a band director in the public school system here in Arizona.

I hope the “Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville” works out. It’s a very cool venue.

“I gotta hand it to these guys. They’re probably playing something like four one-hour sets a night, six nights a week” If the music is good, the players are good and I can have a couple of beers around the 3rd or 4th set I don’t mind. After four hours of playing piano dinner music I’ll start drinking bleach.

I heard a good band/ensemble “Friends” at the Tropicana about a month ago. They didn’t only play music my 16 year old daughter would like. The lead singers were Susan McDonald and Derrick Cordero. The strip could use more of them.

Keep up the fight…..Peace amigo………Jay Maynes aka Juan Oskar

jim barber ,trumpet/vocalist 08/14/06 at 08:57 PM

Where are you from? new jersey

great sound ,tower of power should have your vocalist enjoyed your cd .release a new one . ever comming to new jersey .keep the funk

BJ 08/14/06 at 02:46 PM

Where are you from? Keene, NH

Lon… Need to chat with you …if you once played at KSC in the Jazz Ensemble. Scottie says you were the BEST! Email me for details of KSC JE REUNION; June 2007! Thanks! BJ

Steve 07/31/06 at 11:19 PM

Where are you from? Minneapolis

Love your music and your band. Connie & I caught you three times during your run at the Golden Nugget. We took my sisters and brother-in-law to Vegas and brought them to the show and they loved it too. Hope to catch you again when we are back in Vegas around the end of August.


Eric Sean 07/27/06 at 07:03 PM

Where are you from? Las Vegas

Hey, Lon. What’s up?

Just read the WEEKLY piece. Right on the money, as always. Well done.

Hope the Margaritaville thing works out well for you guys.


Mar 07/22/06 at 02:22 PM

Where are you from? Massachusetts

The Lakeview Horns were playing a gig in Maynard, MA, with Geezer, a Chicago-style blues band, when we got a big surprise. Our original (ca. 1980) lead trumpet player, Lon Bronson, walked in the door. He hadn’t warned us; we didn’t even know he was in the area! Of course, he brought his trumpet and sat in with us for the last set of the night.

You can see a snapshot at <>. Yeah, the photo was posed. You can tell by Lon’s right hand fingering technique. A true professional, he puts Stella Artois before Benge.

It was great to play with you again after all those years, Lon! Thanks for the CDs and shirts, and rock on. Sit in with us whenever you’re in town!

— Mark Speer

Brooklyn 07/19/06 at 08:25 PM

Where are you from? NY

I see you guys are still going strong. Can’t wait til I see you again.

Best Band I’ve ever seen.


Kim Kaine-Smith 02/15/06 at 06:31 PM

Every visit I come and see you guys and was sooo looking forward to it again this summer. Please, throw us a crumb of hope that you will be somewhere this summer..

Eddie Rawl 02/13/06 at 05:48 AM

Hi Lon,

Sean & I just wanted to say CONGRATS on your Emmy nomination for "Earth To America"!!! Hope to see you & the guys playing in town at an establishment that appreciates you as much as we do!

Kim & Sean.

Isis 02/11/06 at 03:58 AM

Lon, Real simple,you guys are unreal. The tight horns of T.O.P. have some company. I got my live Album from Andy at Srokeland last week. I have never played a CD so much. I have told all my friends about you guys. Thanks for the music,all you guys have a real gift.

Eddie Rawl.

Marc Rutrough 02/07/06 at 10:00 AM

When will you be playing in Las Vegas?
Loved your show. We return to LV in April..

james barber 02/03/06 at 10:32 PM

just recieved live cd ,fantastic . idea for concert more today than yesterday at bridge trumpet solo or bari sax. just an idea . looking forward to hearing you guys next vegas trip. jim barber trumpet /vocalist.

Doug 02/02/06 at 06:53 PM

Hey Lon, looking forward to seeing you again at Harrah’s this weekend, I had a blast last time at the House O’ Blues.


the Bari guy…..

Janette 01/20/06 at 04:59 PM

Well, January 13th has come and gone without seeing the best band in LV. I did see Lon’s head in the orchestra for The Rat Pack though. That was weird, but cool. Looking to come back next year! Hope to see you with YOUR band!!.

Bruce 01/19/06 at 12:27 PM

Lon, the cd is wearing out,and could not get to see the band on nye. when and where next to hear the best music in town!.

Denny in Mass 01/19/06 at 12:03 PM

So, no news? We’re coming out Super Bowl weekend as usual. Would really love to see the band, as usual. Are you guys playing anywhere that weekend? Drew’s in town too….

Jon Ledford 01/18/06 at 09:22 PM

Stayed at the GN last June just to see the band, when we went up the showroom all we saw were paint cans and drop cloths. We were told they were remodling the room and the show was cancelled. What a bummer. I did a little ranting myself but it did no good. We are coming back to LV in late Feb. hope you have a venue by then. Keep Groovin.

Richard Carmona 01/12/06 at 02:30 PM

Well, someone in a great hotel there needs to hire these guys and promote them.

I am a member of a couple of Las Vegas Discussion boards, with the main one being and there are many members there that are interested in seeing the band.

We are having the twice yearly get-together in April and hopefully the band will be playing some gigs by then.

Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight, Lon.. Hope to see you guys soon.. OH and I bought the CD when it first came out.. It is killer!.

mainman 01/10/06 at 03:32 PM

Where are you from? California

I’ve been following these guys since they started at the Riviera…. you just can’t help but to keep comming back! I’ve got my CD and t-shirts as well as my son who is a big fan… Lon , Rick… keep blowin’…. see you guys on my next trip, wherever you may be… with love and respect, Richard and Joanne Carmona, Murrieta,CA.

Brian Jones 01/04/06 at 02:43 PM

When and Where Lon? You’re one of the big reasons I come to Vegas from New England 3-4 times a year.

Janette 12/28/05 at 01:31 PM

I came back from school for the break and the ONLY thing I was looking forward to was going to see the show…
I’m gonna have to try to hustle up the dough to see the New Years show… nothing else to it!.

Ken 12/09/05 at 07:34 PM

Just read about the show being cancelled – what a bummer.
My wife and myself take 10 days in July each year in Vegas and see your show 3 times during each stay.
This year we were just about to book our stay at the Golden Nugget having always stayed before on the Strip and used the hire car or cab to get to the shows.
Thankfully we haven’t yet booked and will now stay elsewhere.
I’ve signed up for the newsletter – please let us folk know when you sort out a venue.
all the best.
Brian ones.

Chris Main 10/15/05 at 01:40 PM

I’m sickened by the decision of the GN to discontinue this show~ My kids now listen to your CD. They are only 11 and 8. We and our 20 friends booked our Jan. 13th Vegas trip this summer, 6 of us have seen your show before, but the remaining 14 would have been NEW fans…but now that is not to be…except if by some miracle you get an open room for that weekend! No matter what, we’ll always be fans!.

Randy Ferrie 10/04/05 at 05:44 PM

The best band in show business today! We are talking the pick of the litter here!

The decision of the brains trust at the Golden Nugget (GN) only confirms how great this band is! Bean counters may be great at counting but they have no monopoly on taste. Perhaps lack of taste….

The only reason the wife and I ever went into the GN in the first place was to hear the cats. They can rest assured that we will not be back to dirty their rug.

Cats, keep the faith. You remain our choice for best band in show business. Hope to see you all during our next visit in December.


Juan Oskar 09/02/05 at 01:09 AM

I bought the cd some time ago. I use it for work outs. I’m a big TOP fan. Scarpell and Bill Churchville are good friends. I was a lead with the Madison Scouts in the 70’s. We are doing a reunion show with 175 horns. I was at the show on 10/1/05. Awesome band, great to put a face with the music and the singers. I love the singers! Powerfull stuff.Thanks for such a great evening!!!!

Chris Thomas 08/23/05 at 06:49 PM

I received your CD. It’s wonderful/great! I can’t believe that Las Vegas wouldn’t hire 50 bands like yours. (Another rant?) Some of my family/musicians are going down to LV this week end. I told them that they gotta see da band. I can’t make it, I’ve got a gig. 🙁
Sinceramente, JO.

randy beavers 08/05/05 at 01:41 PM

.Lon!!! This is the best band I’ve ever heard!! I’ve been following you guys for 12 years and I have been spreading the word about you guys!! I hear your guys cook’n up there and I want to turn my sax into a lamp!!! Congratulations and thank you on your first CD. When do we get another one??


Juan Oskar 07/23/05 at 06:52 PM

Your "rant" is right on. My questions are re: Lounges… Why are there so many top 40 bands with empty dance floors? Why are the bands and the break music so loud? Can’t talk with waitresses or even the person next to you. Why can’t the bands play more variety? Why are the single & duo jazz players not miked at all? My feeling is that the hotels want the ambience of live music but don’t want anyone to listen.

I’ll be getting your CD, you’ve got a great band. I’ve emailed your site to a bunch of players. Peace amigo…JO.

mark 07/23/05 at 02:32 PM

Hi Lon,
I’ve been to see you 4 times since last year. My wife an I attended your CD kickoff. Great. I asked Tony Davitch why you guys didn’t do any covers of Average White Band. TOP and AWB headline together alot. AWB is as soulfull and horn oriented as TOP, and you guys do a lot of TOP. Just a suggestion and an observation. You guys would be great with "Pick up the Pieces" , " A Love of Your Own", "Cut the Cake" etc…

medicineman 07/03/05 at 09:35 AM

hey lon, been to see you guys about a dozen times now-you rock!!brought my mama to see you in april & rick jumped up on our table, serenaded me then gave me a kiss-weell worth the free entry!!i’d come see you if i had to pay anyway you’re one of the best things about vegas. bit disappointed you didn’t put ‘flash in the pan’ on the cd! when you guys coming back to edinburgh for the festival??see you guys in april 2006
keep doing your thang!!! xxxxx lisa.

lisa markham 07/01/05 at 01:54 PM

couldn’t agree with your rant more…only see shows in Vegas with live music….finally saw your band this year and loved it….it want a circus act I’ll go to Barnum and Baily not the crap in the Vegas hotels.

Alan Broze 06/18/05 at 01:46 AM


Jim and Cheral Hunter 06/10/05 at 01:51 AM

Hey Lon,
It’s about time you put something on a disk!
We had a bad run in when a stupid loudmouthed agent got me in trouble with you. I hope all is forgotten and forgiven.
Yours is probably the best horn band I ever sang with and I wouldn’t mind sitting in sometime again if you’d have me
Best in Music
Alan Broze.

Eric 06/03/05 at 08:05 PM

Cheral and I never missed the Riviera when in Vegas. Great band and a great time always. Sorry we missed the cd party. Can’t wait to catch the Nugget show. Hi to Jay. You came to Missouri for a Jazz in Joplin concert..

Steve Johnson 06/01/05 at 07:12 AM

I just bought your album. I can not wait to hear the entire thing. I was there at the Riviera when you first started it all. Even before that I used to take drum lessons from Mark Barrett when I was a kid. Mark used to play drums with my Step-Dad Tom Duncan in Stan’s Band. My band recorded in Gary Hypes’ home studio back in 1990 when I was 20 years old. Hey Gary, you wouldn’t happend to still have the master of those 4 songs would you? Anyway, You guys are great and I’ll been in town July 8 to 10. I will be donw to see you. Congratulations on the success. Any changces you’ll be in teh San Francisco/San Jose area any time soon?.

Dave Weber 05/31/05 at 02:54 PM

Love the band Lon. I try to make every week. I really want to go to the release party. Could you put me down for 2. Thanks..

Steve & Libby White 05/30/05 at 08:34 PM

I was in Vegas for the first weekend of March maddness. Saw your show at the Nugget. You guys are an outstanding group. I hope you still play the Nugget after you take the "next tep" that you seem destined to take. Look forward to seeing you on my next trip out. Congratulations on the release of your CD..

Jamie BRONSON Sharps 05/26/05 at 06:42 PM

Got that rockin’ CD on the 9th after your show. You and Rick signed it for my wife. There is no way we would miss the release party on the 2nd. Thanks for the invite and put us down to be there. We’ll be bringing a guest from the "other place":) See ya Thursday!.

Ron & Maryellen Schmitt 05/26/05 at 01:12 AM

Happy belated b-day Uncle!!!!!! Can’t wait to listen to your cd. Check out my website for my first feature film, !!!!!! I’m almost done with editing and will send you a dvd when it’s finished. Love your new look, Ringo Starr!!!!hahahaha!!!!
Tell Jo and the kids I said hola,


Ron Camire 05/24/05 at 12:18 PM

Listening to the new CD–Awesome.Spoke with Rick today. Can you put us on the list for June 2. Looking fwd. to your debut.
All the best,

Ron & Maryellen

Should we use the white vette in front as a come on down?.

Sean Little 05/22/05 at 07:06 PM

Hey Lon, CD sounds excellent! Wanna sign up for the release party on thurs. See you there!.

Eric Sean 05/22/05 at 06:27 PM

Hey Lon My wife Renee and my sponsor Bill Jacobson for the cd party Thanks Ron C.

John Ludes 05/22/05 at 05:31 PM

Hey, Lon!
The CD rocks! Great job!
I’d like to sign up for the release party.

All the best,
Eric Sean.

Sandy Kastel 05/22/05 at 03:49 PM

Hey guys, please put on the list for the June 2 show. Thanks,

Mary Raymond 05/22/05 at 02:15 PM

Hi, Lon,
Congrats on your new cd! Good things happen to Good People! You have been a cornerstone here in Las Vegas for a long time and I am happy to see that you are getting the recognition you deserve!!

I would love to bring Dolly Coulter and a couple of my girlfriends to your CD Release Party on June 2nd. Can you put us on your list? It will be great to see you again!

Sandy Kastel.

Big Don 05/20/05 at 12:21 AM

Hi, Lon!!
Rick says I should let you know that I’d like to attend the CD party on June 2nd. I would like to bring a guest that will be in from out of town and always comes to see you guys when he’s here. So, if you would, please put me down for 2. Thanks. Go Bears!!
— Mary Raymond.

Chris Main 05/13/05 at 12:56 PM

Got the CD in the mail.

A triumph! First rate production, elegant design and the best band in show business today!

I love live recordings, I love live music. I can not get enough of the Bronson band.

Congratulations to all the cats.

When do you start on the next one?

Best wishes to all.


Bob Spellman 05/13/05 at 09:06 AM

I received your live cd today and it was great. I heard your band last summer. I was really impressed. All the tunes were outstanding. The trumpet solo by, Tom, on McPark, was the best I have heard in a long time. I love the Tower of Power sound. I hope I can go to Vegas again soon and hear your band..

Jean Dougherty 05/12/05 at 11:37 PM

My husband John and I discovered your gig thru Jimmy McIntyre, guitarist. Seeing you every Mon.nite, as we do, lifts my spirits for the week!!!! My husband and I are both musicians-I’m a classical organist, he is a jazz guitarist-moved here 9 mos. ago from frigid Boston. Thanks for the great, LIVE music. We love it!.

Paul Andresen 05/11/05 at 10:10 AM

Hey-was great to briefly see that Ron White Band on TV. I must say Ron White ain’t my cup o’ tea. They should have exchanged the amount of time White was
on with those too-tiny glimpses of the
band. Better than nuttin’, I guess.

Now if my CD would only arrive…..


Doug Tart 05/10/05 at 10:21 PM

This site rocks! Keep up that excellent work!.

Bill 05/07/05 at 01:10 PM

We will be in Las Vegas May 11-19th and have got to see your band. I monitor my man, The Boss (Maynard Ferguson") board and the guys who post there say nothing good about you and your guys. And to get that kind of praise from some of those guys (they tend to be a little harsh from time to time) makes your show a must see for me. Oh yeah, my wife wants to be sure we catch the Gladys Knight show. Yeah. Right..

Chuck Cali 05/03/05 at 09:30 AM

Hi Lon I was really looking forward to actually "seeing" you guys on the Ron White Show. Well, we did see you briefly…the band sounded great as always. It would have been nice if they’d have given the band say, 30 full seconds on camera. I can’t seem to get over Ron White’s introduction, "we have the Ron White Show Band!" huh? When did you guys change your name? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I love you guys as you know and come to see you whenever I hit town. I just think you’ve paid your dues in Vegas and the least they could have said was, "The Lon Bronson All- Star Band." I’ll be in town soon so I hope to chat with you then Lon, put a couple of Sam Adams on ice! Take care..

Milton K. 05/03/05 at 12:27 AM

Hey Lon, bought the CD from you on Monday of this week, and have been listening to it ever since. I burned a copy so I would have two, one for the house, and one for the car.
Great job, great production, and can’t wait to see you guys again soon.


Emily 04/28/05 at 09:15 PM

Hi! I was flipping channels tonight and passed a show with a great live band – the more I watched, the more I had a hunch I knew who they were – until I saw someone who I was almost sure was Gary. And, yup, it was the Lon Bronson band! I lived in Vegas briefly with a great girl named Robyn (who I’m sure you still know) a couple of years ago and became a big fan – your show was our Saturday night hang out at the Riviera! Your shows are some of my best memories from my short 4 months there. It was so fun to see you on TV tonight! I’m so glad to have thought of you again and to know I can still see a show when I come to Vegas! -Emily.

Richard Carmona 04/28/05 at 11:49 AM

I’ve been following these guys since they started at the Riviera…. these guys kick some serious ass when it comes to making music… any kind of music… they do it all…. keep it up…. your fans in Murrieta, CA. Richie and Joanne.

Jamie 04/14/05 at 06:32 PM

Aloha Gang!
Sorry this took so long to write! Was there the end of January, and it was great to see a band that was performing because they wanted to play and they have fun doing it! I tell everyone I see to make sure and check you out and be prepared to have a BLAST! Looking forward to seeing you again the next time we get over there! THANKS for the GREAT TIME and GREAT MUSIC!.

Tom 04/14/05 at 01:12 PM

When is the CD coming out? I thought it was due last month.
Message to Lisa-hope you liked the pics of you & the Band I ganve you at the Mohegan. Feel free to use them on the site if you like.!.

cheryl 04/11/05 at 10:12 PM


Saw the cats twice on our last trip. What a treat! The horns, the charts and the fun!

Looking forward to the CD.

Thanks for all the fun


Chris Main 04/08/05 at 02:33 PM

Folks, I will be in town the 6th thru 13th. Hope I can drop in and catch your music. I’ll bring my harp. (doesn’t every idiot?).

Tom 04/04/05 at 12:26 PM

in response to Con-Fyoozd in Con-necticut (message 79) Lisa was there, but Lon wasn’t.

cheryl 04/02/05 at 05:41 PM

Be there on the 2nd and the 4th of April!

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Love to all


Chris Main 03/25/05 at 01:42 AM

Dear Mr. Lon Bronson,
I don’t know if my inquiry wil have any significance to you or not but reciently I have inherited a 1967 Gibson Les Paul guitar, including it’s presumably original case. On the out side of this case it has “L. Bronson” printed on it. I don’t know what that stands for so I got on the internet and looked up L. Bronson and you came up as a possable owner if this it the case I was wondering if you could give me some history on it.. But if ths guitar has no signifigance to you please ignore this iquary.. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Teresa N.
Please send responce to as soon as you can..

Teresa 03/22/05 at 04:43 PM

Lon, hey you da man… Long time no see. Oh yeah nice website too…

Luv Ya

Craig Gaff 03/19/05 at 05:25 AM

Will be back to see the cats at the end of the month!

Will the Cd be ready? Hope so.

Best live band in show business today.

Love to all,


chris main 03/18/05 at 07:01 PM

OK, so what’s up? The Lon Bronson All-Star Band is scheduled at Foxwoods on March 26, while David Cassidy is at Mohegan Sun on the same night. Since Lon’s the leader of both bands, where in hell (or in Connecticut) will Herr Bronson actually be holding forth?.

Con-Fyoozd in Con-necticut 03/10/05 at 01:54 PM

Do some AWB. Hope the new owners keep you guys there. Looking forward to the CD. Tony Davich could be a lead singer for T.O.P..

T.O.P. FAN 03/05/05 at 07:57 PM

Well, Berklee offers COURSES in DJing. But they don’t really offer a “major.”.

Burr Clee Dood 03/01/05 at 09:53 AM

Caught both the sat 9th and monday 11th shows. (found your band info on the Nugget web site). Loved the music, musicianship and show. Lon, keep the fight for live music going. you guys are the absolute best band in Vegas! You are appreciated!

MelanieDawn 02/16/05 at 08:01 PM

I can’t believe it! Your going to be at Foxwood!!:O That is about an hour from me, I am so curious who all will be there?! Better get my tickets early, what a kick!.

Mark 02/14/05 at 02:42 AM

I assume you have heard that Berklee already offers majors in DJ work. They are, however, still required to take all the core music courses if that is of any consolation.

Great job and kudos to you and the guys..

tammy 02/03/05 at 11:29 PM

I seen your show on 1/29/05? and really enjoyed it. Lisa is awesome. She should do some Janice Joplin. I loved everyone but she was my favorite!! Rock on girl!!!!! Tammy Gonzales.

Scott Graham 02/03/05 at 03:13 PM

Lon and the band,
Thanks guys for the great LIVE show! A musician friend and I stumbled onto the band from seeing the signs along the side of the Golden Nugget. Didn’t know what to expect, but assumed it would be good, because we saw the horn outline on the sign. How great it is to see live serious musicians in Vegas! But…on my last trip (last weekend), I didn’t see the signs…you were there, and we went friday and monday (Great Shows!!) — but the Golden Nugget needs to give you guys more publicity!!! God bless them for having you there, but the room should be filled! Can’t wait for the CD! I really loved “The Story Must Be Told”!! Found a small clip of it on the Stroke Records website. Best of luck to you all!.

Matt 01/30/05 at 02:57 AM

Lon, Thank you for stating the truth about music today. I moved to Vegas 2 months ago from LA and I am not impressed at all. My sister sings in the Casinos and she feels the same way. I have never seen your band but read about you when I was looking to see T.O.P at the Orleans, couldn’t make it though. Keep playing “Music” the way the greats intended, I will be a saturday regular very soon. You are now an official “KrazyNative”.

Pam 01/18/05 at 07:04 PM

Have been wanting to see your show for a long time and I was not disappointed last night! Outstanding musicians who love what they do and vocalists who connect with the audience…great job! Look forward to seeing you again and bringing lots of friends..

kim 01/07/05 at 02:58 AM

My hubby and I were at your New Year’s Eve show at the Suncoast, you guys rock!! It was the first time seeing the All Stars, having seen Lon and Lisa many times at the David Cassidy gigs. Great music, my hubby really liked it too! Nice to talk with you Lisa, try to persuade DC to do some shows out west this year! We had to leave before midnight to pick up our 7 yr old from the sitter, but so happy to have finally experienced the legendary All Stars..

Chris Main 12/28/04 at 06:48 PM

Lon & the Cats,

What a treat! My wife and I got to see the Bronson Allstar Band 3, count them, 3 times during our last vist.

Each performance was great! The band did 3 different sets with a mix of tunes that must have come straight out of my CD collection. Bloody good form!

My wife and I love Lisa M. Tony and Rick are not shabby either. The horns, Mark on the beat, and Jim on lead….

Each one of the band went out their way to make me and my wife feel at home, part of the event, and, special.

Got my Band T. Got he Xmas CD (great by the way) and am waiting for the live CD.

The one thing I love about these guys is that they have promised me a picture for over two years now and are still working on it. What more can you ask for?

The best band in show business!

See you next trip. Love to all.

Chris & Doris Main.

Mark Lewis 12/27/04 at 12:26 PM

I was coming to Las Vegas for a few days and when checking out what bands might be in town, I found the Lon Bronson All-Star Band and after checking out your site and the clips I decided to catch the show on Dec. 18. It just happened to be a special evening, but what a great sound. We had a great time and we will be back at the end of Jan. and we will have to catch the show again. Can’t wait for your CD to come out.
Again, thanks for a great night at the Nugget..

mainman 12/19/04 at 10:52 AM

Saw you last Monday. Great Show. Why don’t you guys cover AWB. They are right up your alley..

melaniedawn 12/13/04 at 11:27 PM

Just saw an unbelievable band and thought of watching you all.
What a great high watching and listening can be when your in a good space.
Joined a choir in New England, robes and all, haha what a change from Vegas.
When is this album of yours out?
I can’t wait!
I pray you didn’t lose your drummer or horns!.

randall beavers 12/09/04 at 08:05 PM

The best band in vegas, unhibited, wild rock, the best sound with the most outstanding musicians—not to mention wild man, Rick-from my old Wayne Cochran days—let me know when the Cd live becomes available–.

Ron 12/04/04 at 09:04 PM

hi Lon,

We are long time fans of your All Star Band, and always try to catch your show when we come to Vegas. We have not been in a couple of years, but are coming out again in the end of April. I just wanted you to know that we enjoy your show enough that I actually had to do some calling and research to find out where you are playing. Now, I hope we can make the Saturday show when we go to Vegas, cause I know it will be worth the trip there just to see you guys work your magic again!!
You are the best,
A loyal, if distant fan,
Jamie K.

Ginger 11/22/04 at 05:45 PM

You cats are the greatest. Saw you on your recording concert Haloween weekend. Was my first time seeing your band and became an instant fan. Am desperatly waiting for a copy of your new cd. My only regret is I do not get to vegas weakly to check you guys out. Have You ever thought of doing a monthly live internet feed of your performances at the Nugget so those of us who do not live in Vegas can get at least a monthly fix of your great sounds?
Best of luck!!.

mary james 11/12/04 at 10:54 AM

Hey Lon:
Saw your show with my husband (he’s a Sinatra stylist with Big Ray and the Kool Kats)- WE WERE SO BLOWN AWAY!!! The best part of the night was your rendition of “Stairway to Heaven” – I was breathless. Thank you for making our trip to Vegas one of the best! See you in July – WE’RE COMING BACK!!.

HERRY KEN 11/07/04 at 11:43 AM

We have seen the group about 25 times since summer of ’90. We were at the 5th
anniversary and 10th anniversary gigs. Absolutely the best damn lounge band ever.

If the Golden Nugget is the place for the ultimate hotel and casino experience in Las Vegas, it requires the ultimate lounge act. Lon and the band fit the billing. Keep it REAL and LIVE..

Jim Wagner 11/02/04 at 12:53 PM

i saw your band when i went to see david cassidy . your band is awesome, have been to golden
nugget too i will be there tonite also say hi to lisa and rick for m e too.

Mary 10/23/04 at 07:15 PM

Hey cats,

Off Friday to LAs Vegas so that I can see the Bronson Band on Monday night, Saturday night, and Monday again!

Best band in show business!

Lon, I have more Cuban rum for you! Look forward to seeing you all next Monday.


Chris 10/22/04 at 06:19 PM

We come out only once a year, but the highlight was always your band at the Riv….good thing I checked the Little book and found you at the Nugget. We were there on a Monday night, and I was lucky enough to give Rick a kiss as he sang to me. Another fan in the audience told us about this web site and the download is awesome. Looking forward to your CD. Thanks for great entertainment!.

mark M 10/22/04 at 01:09 PM

Lon, et al

Saw the band twice in our last vist. It was magic. Antony G. and the Imperials were great as was the ever popular Lisa M. She is so good. She really needs to be up front more. The cats were better than they have ever been (no mean accomplishment). What a treat. Was some pissed off when your Saturday night show was preempted for some Asian New Years bullshit, however…

Looking forward to the CD and am planning our next visit for Feb. by which time you will have the CD out – right?

Still want the picture of the band you promised me. How was the rum and cigar?

All the best on your project and keep the faith.


I am ……… 10/22/04 at 05:10 AM

Lon’s impersonation of Ian Pace is also a memory ….

Mark M 10/21/04 at 05:05 PM

And Boston Pace is just a memory….

The Bambino 10/10/04 at 07:51 PM

Hey Lon what’s up!

I’m still playing that old Strad you smashed up and had to have repaired. The Lakeview Horns have been resurrected (including me and Dennis), and we have even played with the (also resurrected) DeZiners recently. Of course, you can sit in any time you’re in town!

Great to hear about your recording gig–I’ll look for the CD at Strokleand. And of course, very good speer.

GO BOSOX! (or is that BOTOX?) VGS!

Glenn Irwin 10/01/04 at 04:06 PM

Yankees Suck!

Marc Rutrough 10/01/04 at 03:17 PM

Hey Lon,

Man, you’ve come a long way since our days at Keene High tutoring under Bob Cummings. I still remember the time I got sick on Narragansett and blew chow in your parent’s basement. I’m glad that you’ve made it big-time as I knew you would. I don’t suppose you still have the King Silver Flair I sold to you? Can’t wait to get to Vegas to see your act. All the best.
Glenn Irwin KHS ’78

Chris 09/21/04 at 07:33 PM

THE best band in Las Vegas, hands down! I schedule my trips to make sure I catch at least one night of the band.. I can’t wait to see y’all again… Can’t wait for the CD as well..

Michelle 09/16/04 at 07:44 PM

Hey cats,

Off Friday to LAs Vegas so that I can see the Bronson Band on Monday night, Saturday night, and Monday again!

Best band in show business!

Lon, I have more Cuban rum for you! Look forward to seeing you all next Monday.


Noel Redding 09/07/04 at 06:30 PM

Just wanted to say thank you for putting What is Hip available for download. Was fun to listen to and am looking forward to the cd. Miss hearing the band and must plan a trip to Vegas soon!

Bobby Van Rooy 09/02/04 at 07:06 PM

Hey Lon-

Great to see you and the band in June. I loved the arrangement to “Them Changes.” I was shocked to see you having a Budweiser on stage. Glad that dude straightened you out and handed you a Heineken!! See you in the next world,
don’t be late………..

Chuck Cali 08/31/04 at 05:24 PM

Hi Lon,
It’s been a while since i’ve seen you guys in Vegas, but I love the band and you guys kick ass!. I used to live and perform with a band called “Atlantis” years ago in Vegas (1977-1984) & Atlantic City. Did a three year hitch with the Righteous Bros. now in Mesa and have my own 10 – 12 pc band. Check out our web site, let me know if you want to swap any charts. Best of luck.
Bobby V.R.

dmoznet 08/25/04 at 12:12 PM

Hi guys great job, again last Saturday Aug. 28th. The band cooked as always and I epecially enjoyed hearing your non-vocal arrangement of MacArthur Park. You’re right Lon, probably worst lyrics ever!
Next to Chase’s “Get it On” MacArthur Park really lets the horn section shine especially Gary Hypes sax solo and the amazing range of Tom DeLibero on trumpet. Rick, Lisa and Tom were in fine form on vocals. And thanks for the outstanding talented guest this time, Omar, from Seattle. His flamenco guitar style and vocals were awesome and a real bonus for those of us lucky enough to be there that night. Looking forward to your CD Lon, see you next trip to Vegas

Elaine Kettlewell 08/17/04 at 10:58 AM

Congratulations. I enjoyed the visit good stuff. Good luck with your site !

Jan 08/16/04 at 12:35 PM

Hi Lon, Lisa and the rest of the band,
Great to see you again at Stowe this weekend, fantastic performance, had a great time. David showed what a real professional he is. He gave a great show despite his ill-health, tell him to get well soon. Sorry didn`t get to have a drink with you this time. Hope its not too long before you are over here again, take care all of you
love Elaine

frances 08/15/04 at 05:37 AM

Just to say once again that it was great to see you again this weekend in Stowe, we had a great time once again, and Lon I must say you were looking pretty good.

I hope you enjoyed conducting the orchestra, you did say to us outside Hammersmith that you were looking forward to it.



Frances 08/10/04 at 06:07 PM

Well, here we are – home from Stowe where the weather was predictably bad. Despite that the show was great. David was a star, carrying on with the show although he was clearly not well. The girls looked stunning and you didn’t look half bad yourself Lon, you clearly enjoyed the orchestra experience. Thank you all once again for a great show. I hope that we see you all back in the UK again really soon.

luv from frances

jake & pat 08/07/04 at 10:15 PM

Hi Lon,

We’re really looking forward to seeing you, David and the girls at Stowe this week. I hope that the British weather is kind to you (and to us!) – though we will still be there enjoying the show whatever the weather throws at us!

luv from

Jan 08/03/04 at 04:20 PM

glad to hear that the band is performing at the Golden Nugget. see you next month

Asbury Britt 07/12/04 at 01:43 AM

Hi Lon

I am so looking forward to seeing you and the guys and Girls again next week at Stowe, the orchestra experience should be awesome, heres to a great show.

see you there



Sean McGee 06/29/04 at 05:25 PM

May 22nd was one of the highlights of my existence. Attending a Tower of Power gig followed by a Lon Bronson gig. I’m still smiling.

I think Tom Politzer played the entire gig with your band – which was a special treat. Tom, Joe and Gary struttin’ their stuff was the icing on one bad a$$ cake. And, your rendition of ‘Stairway To Heaven’ blew me away.

I’ll be at the Suncoast in November for the T.O.P. show – let’s do it again.


Diana 06/09/04 at 10:20 PM

My barber, Gary Hoyt showed me a video of you guys, and it was super funky. I look forward to checking you out when I get a chance to visit Vegas.

julie parton 05/26/04 at 01:10 PM

And the cream rises to the top! Great news for you these days. Well done Lon! Looking forward to the next 2 shows. Sounds like they will be a blast!


Susan Elliott 05/24/04 at 06:44 PM

Hi Lon

Just a note to say thanks for the fantastic performances you, Lisa and the rest of the gang put on with DAVID CASSIDY, in the UK recently.

You guys are the greatest, see you at Stowe in August.


Gerry Moloney 05/24/04 at 05:49 PM

Hi Lon,Lisa and the rest of the band it was so fantastic to see you all on tour again in the UK with David you make a great team, keep on rocking, looking forward to seeing you again real soon,luv from Susan XXX

Shaun Deehan 05/19/04 at 07:28 AM

Hi Lon.
It was lovely to see you again in the UK with David and the rest of the band.
I hope to see you again in August at the Stowe Music Festival.

Gerry xx

Frances 05/16/04 at 09:12 AM

Hi Lon,
You may remember I called you on your cell ‘phone when I was in Vegas. Glad to see you made the move to the Golden Nugget.I see you are coming to England in August… it to conduct or with the all star line up? Could you forward some info please.

Hope to see you soon in Vegas,

Best Regards,

Jamie 05/14/04 at 05:29 PM

Hi Lon,

I hope that you and the band had a fantastic opening night at the Golden Nugget last night. We hope to see you there next year, and look forward to seeing you back in the UK in August at Stowe.

luv from

Jan 05/14/04 at 04:01 AM

Hi to Lon and the band, had a great time during your U.K.tour with David, I was one of the ‘girls on tour’ who waved you in at almost every venue,despite sore feet and freezing weather lol. we had a ball and wanted to thank you so much for a fantastic show, I also talked to you outside the apollo hammersmith with Frances. We had such a ball and would do it again in an instant, thanks to the girls for wearing the sashes too.

Hope to get to see you in vegas soon. if not see you in Stowe.


Janxxxx. You #@*%!ers rock! WOW, You should play Tubes covers all nite long!!! Can’t wait to see you at the Golden Nugget, a step up from that shithole Riviera. Ha,ha! You better come up this summer for some waterskiing. Promise to get you up on one ski. Tell Jo I said hi.I better get laid next time I see you in Sin City! Eat shit!

–Your bitchin’ nephew, Jamie

Janie 05/13/04 at 07:24 PM

Good luck guys…break a leg! (no question you’ll be fabulous!!!)

Elaine Kettlewell 05/10/04 at 07:32 PM

Hi Lon,
Just wanted to thank you for a great two weeks here in the UK, missing you all already, can`t wait for Stowe, see you then
love Elaine

Marc Rutrough 05/10/04 at 05:12 PM

Good luck tonight! You guys are the best band in town, in my opinion. I used to make my reservations around Saturdays to catch you guys at the Riviera

Trudy Roberts 05/10/04 at 08:22 AM

Just like to say how much I enjoyed the last two or so weeks I had a ball hope you enjoyed it too and are not to shattered – enjoy Stowe

memphistovegas 05/10/04 at 07:30 AM


Good luck to you and the band at your dress rehearsal at the Golden Nugget tonight!!

TDAMH 05/10/04 at 06:35 AM

Looking forward to hearing about your big night at the Golden Nugget! Hope to get to Vegas this summer, and I look forward to taking in the show!

Rose 05/09/04 at 03:24 PM

Hi Lon

Hope you get back home safely after being David Cassidy’s special guests on his UK Tour.

Use the gift regularly. Thank Lisa for her kindness – sorry I was so gobsmacked that I forgot to voice my thanks in person in Cardiff last night.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing you conduct the Royal Philharmonic in August.

You and the band were superb as ever.

Love Rose x

Frances 05/07/04 at 06:45 AM

Hi Lon,

It has been fantastic seeing you and the band on tour with David this year. It was good chatting to you outside the Appollo. This tour has been brilliant, and we have really appreciated how much you all seem to have enjoyed it too.

Say Hi to Lisa for us, and thank her and Candace for wearing the Girls On Tour sashes, and we were pleased that you remembered about the flag.

Hope to see you in Vegas next year!

luv from
Frances and Jan xxx

Keith Shapiro 05/05/04 at 12:08 AM

Well, I haven’t been downtown in a while and the Riv has a weird smell to it anyway!

GN should be cool

Diana 04/17/04 at 11:40 AM

Hi, glad to hear you will be starting up in May at the Golden Nugget. selfishly,I had really hoped to catch you this weekend. My next LV trip has me leaving the 9th. Well, looks like I will have to extend thru the 10th as I can’t make the opening on the 15th. Good luck in the UK.


Michelle 04/14/04 at 12:33 PM

Any info on where the All-Stars are going to be playing? I will be in Vegas next week and would love to be able to see them! Anybody else going through withdrawals?

Rose Cooney 04/09/04 at 02:40 PM

Hi Lon

Great catching you both nights at OCPAC last November.

Hope you’re looking forward to conducting the Royal Philharmonic at Stowe in August as much as you enjoyed conducting the Pacific Symphony.

See all you guys in a couple of weeks. Give my best to Lisa and thank Steph for the emails – glad I could help out.

Kindest regards


Diana 04/07/04 at 12:04 PM

Whoops, I do see now under gigs that Rat Pack is Back schedule was posted. Next time I will sharpen my pencil before I post.

Diana is counting 🙂 on seeing you soon in Vegas

Leigh Bronson Sharps 04/06/04 at 03:29 PM

Hi Lon,
It was great seeing you Saturday at the Mohegan Sun..seeing as how I’ve seen every band and show you’ve been in since you were old enough to pick up a trumpet in Keene, NH, I can still say you’re playing sends shivers down my neck. You look great, but, of course, that’s all due to good genes.
Your sister,

Hi to Jimmy, Rick, David and the rest of the cats

Diana 04/06/04 at 01:08 AM

Hi Lon and the band,

It was nice to say hello to you in Connecticut. If I had known the Rat Pack was performing days after the DC concert I would have arranged my schedule to catch both shows. I noticed DC’s site did not post The Rat Pack is Back’s schedule for Mohegan Sun. It would be nice if your site or David’s could post their schedule. Hurry up! I’ll be in Vegas in 10 days. Will you be at The Golden Nugget or somewhere else before heading off to the UK

oceans11 04/01/04 at 09:30 AM

Hey Lon-
Was up at Mohegan Sun last weekend and caught the Rat Pack show. Man, what a band you’ve got! The show was great and my buds and I were all over that music. I hope you’ll be up there again…I see from your website that you’ve got a gig in Vegas as well. I get there a few times a year and I’ll be sure and check it out.

So thanks for some fantastic entertainment …what a kick in the head!


Gail 03/29/04 at 12:34 PM

I had the pleasure of seeing Lon and the band play at the Riv back in Las Vegas in 2001 what a great night that was fantastic atmosphere and Lisa singing aswell hope to get back there again some day .
See you all in the UK in a few weeks.
Great job Steph and Jane hope to catch up with you guys again Stateside soon love the site

Jan 03/22/04 at 06:30 PM

Hi Di

Fancy seeing you here.

Look forward to seeing you all in April may.
Hope to get to see you in Vegas sometime



diane carr 03/21/04 at 05:39 PM



MelanieDawn 03/21/04 at 05:02 PM


Looking forward to your start, email me your advert. so I can put a few up
More pics coming I hope
I didn’t see the old video clips I thought might be around 🙂


Steph 03/17/04 at 10:19 PM

Message for Diane-

Thanks for writing. You can search for those lyrics at


Diane Carr 03/17/04 at 10:07 PM

hi there,good luck with the u.k.david cassidy tour.have been welsh fan since years i am coming along to manchester22.4.with mum she is coming to her first ever concert we have a gift for mr cassidy a welsh rugby shirt .iwould for mum and i to be able to give and meet mr cassidy for 2min outof your busy tour please help us and make 2old ladies very happy thanks.mrs hayley griffiths,north wales.

hayley griffiths 03/17/04 at 04:50 PM

Hi, I just read your rant about the state of live music in Vegas.

It sounds depressingly similar to the rants I made to the Musician’s Union back in the late 70s…. Good luck, the barbarians are at the door!

Deke 03/17/04 at 11:52 AM

hi lon and the band!! lookin forward to stowe festival in august!!! u r gonna be there arent u?? do u have thje lyrics for hollywood nites?? if not do u know where i can find them? the site is fab! lots to see!! diane(aka dipsy di!) x

A fan 03/11/04 at 11:20 PM

So what’s up? I read the article in Las Vegas Review Journal.Is it the Bellagio or the Nugget? Details please….

Miss you guys…

Rose 03/11/04 at 10:37 PM

Hi Lon,
Hope you’re looking forward to playing with the Royal Philharmonic at David’s concert during the Stowe Music Festival in August. I wondered if there was any chance of getting to hear NYC Life, If I Didn’t Care, or maybe some of the tunes from David’s "Home Is…" LP alongside the songs you did in LA?
The acoustics at OCPAC were to die for, weren’t they?I can remember when Elton John’s Live in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra came out just how excellent that was and thinking how great it must have been to hear the orchestra live.So it was a great treat to be in LA last November. I hope the band and David enjoyed the two concerts as much as I did.Please give my best wishes to Lisa.
Kindest regards

TDAMH 03/11/04 at 07:04 PM

It’s great to know one of the last bastions of live music on the strip will continue! I look forward to hearing about your new gig! I said "gig"-next I’ll be calling musicians "cats.&quot

Chuck Cali 03/11/04 at 05:17 PM

Lon and they guys rock! I’ve been friends with Lon and Rick for a while now and I always like to see the band when in Vegas. It’s always a lot of fun, great music with a lot of energy.
I’ve been there when Joe Walsh sat in so you never know who’s going to show up at a gig. I look forward to hearing the band again this year thanks Lon!

MemphistoVegas 03/11/04 at 10:29 AM

You guys rock!! Can’t wait to hear about your new gig!